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due to complaints from gladd, the gay jokes have come to a stop on 'american idol.' but no cease and desist order could wipe out the sexual tension between clay aiken and ryan seacrest. did you see them last night? ryan asked clay what his inspiration was for his new hairstyle and there was a long pause while they looked into each other's eyes..

i'm so totally done with joshua. there was a brief moment when he had the whole 98 degrees teenage girl smarm thing going on, but it was short-lived. his country voice sounds like shit - and that's not even because i hate country, i mean, his country voice sounds like shit even for a country voice. he's always pointing at the ground, as if to say 'i'm standing here. i'm singing here. this spot? singing here. oh and don't forget that i'm singing here.' and that face he makes. god, far worse than clay's habitual 'please ryan don't shoot any of that in my eye like you did last time' twitch.

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