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home for xmas

deathly hallows!

if you don't know what "deathly hallows" is yet.. you'll be hearing it ad neauseum for the next three years, guaranteed.

chad & celeste

celeste wanted a holiday pic to give her family, and had me take an impromptu photo.. here's the result..

oh, and here's another pic from my office!!! yeeee

my new office..

so i've been promoted.. they moved me up to the 11th floor of our building. the 11th floor is a circular room at the top of the building's tower. the entire room/floor is my office. i'm also hiring a designer to assist me on these various projects.

i sit behind the gargoyles.

i can take a break and step onto the balcony, where i can see all of los angeles, all the way to the ocean.

it's awesome. it's mostly ideal - i mean, i can actually start making actual money doing things that are actually creative! but, i didn't move here to be a graphic designer. i have to perform a very delicate balancing act. i want to excel at this job, while keeping my focus and direction on a film career.

random photoshoot

well here's one of the lovely things about working on hollywood blvd - random shoots. i have no idea what this is for, but it certainly drew a crowd..

happy outer space holiday

this is in the middle of hollywood, across the street from my office. i have to pass it every day. they pump out 'rudolph the red nosed reindeer' at waco smoke-out levels.

burst of hits..

hah.. waaay way way back when, i wrote some things about jennifer hudson, and how excited i was that she had been cast as effie.. well, now that the movie is out, and she rocks it, my google hits have quadrupled. welcome husdon fans!


first, i want to say a big thank you to everyone who's left such nice comments, sunny, jen b, jenni, sunny, marisssa, and lurker lefty scissors, who left me the nicest message. you made my day, really! thank you so much.

my dad's former student, john august's directorial debut is premiering at sundance! i sent him a congratulatory note, also pimping my own film festival acceptance heheheh.. he said that he's going to the boulder film fest this year, so he'll meet me there! ..and he'll likely see my short... fuuuck. i have to make it fucking perfect. i mean, i should feel that pressure anyway, right? for it to be the best thing i could possibly produce? i guess it's like rehearsing a show, and then hearing right before the curtain goes up that some big person is sitting in the audience. i gotta polish that puppy up.

oh, i want to put a couple things out there:

1. my friend chris just moved to la, and promptly got his car broken into and his brand new macbook pro stolen. if he had undercover, he'd probably have it back by now. i've since installed it on my machine.. the thought of losing my computer.. it's paralyzing.

2. also, after just having gone through this car accident bullshit, here's a few things to take note of before leaving the scene of the accident. all i had to go on was what it says on the back of my insurance card, which didn't cover all the things i needed to know when it came time to make a million recorded statements for both insurance companies:

• the exact location of the accident. it sounds stupid, but i didn't even think to look at what the precise intersection was. it basically occurred on a side street, and i knew the main street, but i just sounded stupid when i couldn't tell them precisely where it was later.

• know where the damage is on their car. it didn't say this on my insurance card, but it's good to know. you'll be asked again and again.

• if anyone has anything useful to offer, get their contact info. a tow truck driver parked near us, and spoke to the girl who hit me, later he came up to me and said 'she admitted fault, she said she made a left turn right into you.' i thought, 'great, this will be easy then!' but of course, i didn't think to get the driver's contact information should i need him to be a witness. since both of our cars were drivable, he took off.

fortunately, the facts of the case are pretty clear cut, and i've been assured by her insurance company that they will cover 100% of the damages (damages which will cost more than what i paid for the car in the first place!), but had it not been so clear cut, it could have helped immensely if i'd been a little savvier at the scene.

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