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i was asked by a friend to create an inspirational graphic using the word 'decide.' he'd been through a tough period and needed a zen-like reminder that just making a decision, while tough, feels a lot better than torturing yourself indefinitely.

so i put my photoshop skills to work and made this greeting card-ready image:

though my darker side gravitates to something more like this:

the couch

a couple weeks ago, someone put a couch out by the street in front of my apartment building. it's very comfy, and it faces the sun for a good part of the day, and it's within reach of my wireless signal. so until it inevitably gets picked up, i'll occasionally go outside with my laptop and work from the couch. it's a great way to get some sun while working from home.

just now this neighbor lady had a fit at me. while pulling out of her driveway, she yelled at me from her car:
you can just have that couch if you want it! it's not my couch. our neighbor put it out there and i don't know why. it's not my business. i'm not going to get involved in someone else's business. i'm just saying that you can have that couch if you want it. because it is going to get ruined when it rains this weekend, which it's supposed to do and i don't want to see it ruined. i don't understand it. why would they do something like that. that couch needs to go. it's just driving me crazy and it's gonna get ruined if you don't take it or do something with it. it's not my business. i'm not going to get involved in someone else's business.
and with that she drove off. it's always impressive to me how people allow something that's not even remotely connected to them to utterly ruin their day. i also love when people exclaim that they're not going to get involved in someone else's business, like those who say 'i don't mean to be a bitch, but..' it's obvious that her true objection is that to her eye, it makes the neighborhood look cheap.

maybe i should claim the couch and leave it out here.

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