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TRAVESTY. analysis to come.

big red has too many fans. all he needs to do is be adequate to be safe. digarmo goes home tonight. latoya is really suffering from tamyra syndrome. when she sings i want to like her but then i find myself having a conversation with someone and then coming back to her in time for the big money notes at the end. jennifer (oh no you diiin') hudson rocked. i love her. girl is crazy, though. she keeps my interest. she's got edge. fantasia (i'll cut you girl) barrino has edge. all the rest: no edge. big red has as much edge as a sno ball. jasmine (sign me up for the non-equity tour of miss saigon) trias has no edge. diana (i'm molded from plastic) degaro has no edge. george (i'm like this because of the drugs) huff has no edge. i want edge dammit!

so this is what i've been working on for the past few months. if you live in nyc, hope to see you at the show!

i know i know, i went through a whole week without commenting on the demise of camille. okay. there. commented on.

i'm taking part in a medical study in which i will be administered electric shocks while looking at pictures of things. they used to do this to try to make you not gay anymore. instead i'm testing an anxiety drug. you take the test, they shock the hell out of you during certain pictures, and then you take the drug and look at the pictures again - they're looking to see if the drug quells the stress relationship between image and anxiety.

can i have that drug for every time john stevens gets up on stage?

battle of the black divas continues.. fantasia's charm is beginning to wane. i loves her but girl needs to go back to wailing uptempo songs. latoya needs to pick songs with more built in applause moments, which is why people keep forgetting her come voting time. and jennifer hudson kicked ass. she learned to tame that weird opera voice she had going and tone down her crazy eyes just a touch. my prediction: camille goes home. john stevens was so unspeakably bad that it makes you feel dirty to watch this poor overgrown gawky unsexualized boy pretend that he knows the joys and heartbreak of doin' the nasty. clay has shown that the 'non threatening boy' factor garnishes millions of votes. he'll make the top 6 at least.

brian dunkleman got a job.

John wrote:
1) diana is good but fake, she should not be in the bottom 3., but god, they need to get rid of camille.
2) i can't wait to see you be gaysian as a celebrasian of my imaginasian! how do i get the station! :-)

yeah, diana is a plastic princess. yeah camille is a melisma miasma.
dunno yet if i'm gonna be on the actual imaginasian channell.. we'll have to see how the demo reel goes.. guess that will determine if the channel gets picked up at all..

okay america sucks, and even john steven knows it. he had his bag all packed and everything. and to put latoya in the bottom three? that's it. i'm voting. i can't take this anymore.

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