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i'm really starting to get into 'true blood.' the characters are deepening, and unlike other HBO shows (carnivale, deadwood, john from cincinatti..) 'true blood' shares the strength of 'six feet under' in that it's able to tell its story with genuine humor. one of my favorite characters is tara, who could easily come off as a complete bitch in her first couple scenes. it's a huge actor trap, and here's the original actress, brooke kerr, playing tara's first scene:

it feels like a scene from a 'bring it on,' straight to dvd sequel. now watch rutina wesley do the same scene, with the same scene partners, even:

it reminds me of sitting through auditions, listening to the same sides over and over again, and then suddenly someone walks in who just nails the thing because they're being completely themselves while they do it. it's like night and day.

god it must suck to recast, though. lots of people have to admit they were wrong, great expense is taken to reshoot, and an actor counting on a steady paycheck is suddenly out of a job. john august showed us some realities of this in 'the nines.'

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Hello. A friend of mine recently pointed me in the direction of your blog which I have enjoyed. I was going through your archives & I found your film Thanksgiving. I clicked on the link for the quicktime version, but I get an error for that webpage. Have you taken that site down or am I doing something wrong? I hope you can post it again, I'd love to watch it & then give it 10 stars on imdb. :)

  2. Blogger j 

    hi there!

    unfortunately, after i sold 'thanksgiving' to the 'here!' network, i had to take it off youtube. if you get 'here!' you can see it this saturday night at 8:51pm, or you can email me at and i'll send you a secret link to view it online :)

    thanks for the support!


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