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am i the only one who's been hit by an onslaught of german spam? someone figured out that none of our spam filters read german i guess.. not that it does the spammers any good if we can't read what they're sending us... very strange.

did the aidswalk this weekend. i bitched and moaned about getting up at 7am, but the event was really quite cool. hal sparks was walking next to our group for a long time. i wanted to chat with him, he was walking right next to me, but i didn't know what to say that wouldn't sound stupid, so i didn't. he's a big star wars buff. we coulda been best friends. i'm so lame.

walked with the group campaigning for sean patrick maloney, running for attorney general. what a guy - hot, charismatic, just amazing. one of those awesome people who just exudes political charm in the best way possible. he was there with his partner, a former male model, pushing a double stroller with two of their three adopted children in it.

totally inspiring. i hope one day i'll have the resources for that kind of life.

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  1. Blogger Franklin 

    I had one of those days, where I didn't feel so well. So I stayed home from work, and like usual got bored. Which led me to the ultimate distractor - the net, which led me here. Read lots of post, and you seemed like a decent bloke. After all, there is no mystery in a looking glass until someone looks into it.

    Anyway, I saw this post in particular and saw we had a common interest -- Sean Patrick Maloney. Hopefully you got some facetime with him at the parade. He's a really great gent, and he'll make a fantastic AG for NY in 2006 if we all rally together and support him.

    All the best, and good luck with your entertainment ventures in the future.

    - Franklin

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