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saw the trailer for the 'rent' movie over the weekend.
it was basically a music video for 'seasons of love,' and it wasn't a bad music video at all.

it actually looks like it was filmed in new york, amazingly, considering that most of it was shot in san fran, and seeing most of the original cast does offset the sickly sugary feeling i get when reminded that 'curly sue' and 'baby's day out' director chris columbus is helming the thing.

i'm worried about the scenes.. i was sneaked a copy of the script, and the added dialogue to offset/replace some of the songs is pretty obvious and clunky. i have a bad feeling it will play like the 'phantom' movie did..

i hope i'm wrong. i hope i'm wrong about batman, too, though the new internet trailer seems to have a better sense of fun and adventure, where the old trailers seemed to have a sense of pretension. but is that only because the suits said 'it needs to look more fun!'? trailers are such a terrible way to evaluate a film. you can completely change the perception of a project by just redoing the voiceover and adjusting the music.

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