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gay cowboys!?

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have you read 'brokeback mountain' yet? do it. now. it'll take you 20 minutes, and you'll be crying by the end. brilliant. the story is so good that i'm apprehensive about the film. i'm really worried that the beautiful selectivity of the short story will be marred by filling in 'missing' elements, and ruining its exquisite ambiguity. but read it and watch the trailer again - it includes every major image from the story. i just hope this fares better than 'the hours,' which had great, unanimous buzz going in, but left me almost totally disaffected. (mostly because no early reviewer would admit that meryl streep had turned in her worst performance since 'she devil.' thank god she redeemed herself that year with 'adaptation.')

there's been some anticipation about controversy over this film. i honestly think there's going to be little to none. some wyoming bigots have spouted on about how innapropriate it is to portray gay cowboys - i just love how homophobic people are so threatened by the gay sexualization of masculine images. it really must be terrifying, that policemen, bikers, cowboys, soldiers, construction workers, and um, indians just might be gay.

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