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anne & max's wedding

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the weekend was too emotional to blog about with any sense of justice. so, here's my favorite photos.

all the americans stayed at 'the gite' in pont de pany, just outside of dijon

on friday night - a crepes party, where we met max and anne's extended family, and where all of max's american friends convened.

the next morning was the wedding. first, the civil ceremony, which was lighthearted and informal (even though it was presided over by a very official looking guy).

after the civil service, the wedding party filed into the street, congratulations all around, then walked into a sunlit courtyard for photos.

and then we walked down 'rue de la chouette,' to the church. along the way, we would touch the magical owl (la chouette), carved into the side of the church, and make a wish. (don't look at the owl while making your wish, however)

we approached the street, then turned to the left, and there was the church, which had been completely hidden from view. i had to stop and catch my breath.

the guests filed into the church. max and anne hung out outside, waiting to process in..

and it was time to enter..

max's sister christy sang a beautiful song from 'the baker's wife.'

sadly, the light was too low to take any good closeups. i wasn't about to start firing the flash. max had trouble getting through the vows, he was so choked up. everyone was. it was honest, heartfelt, and beautiful.

see the full set of photos here.

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  1. Blogger Ted 

    looks like a fantastic trip and a beautiful wedding. pictures are gorgeous...

    now if only we all could live in france...that would be a good life...

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