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so, time for gay american idol babble. a friend pointed out that clay aiken is beginning to resemble the gelflings from 'the dark crystal.' i guess that makes paula one of the skeksis. and ryan seacrest a pod person.

simon is playing america. he knows that if he starts slamming carmen rasmussen she will get sympathy votes. that girl is all about sympathy votes. she's the secret bitch little sister who was always prettier than you and who your parents love more than you and all she has to do is bat her eyelashes (like clay) and make her lips only slightly more pouty than they are normally and then she gets whatever she wants. don't give in, america. i implore you. do not give in. remember your bitch little sister. give her that open handed smack you've always wanted to. don't vote for her!

josh is a cocky, white, fat, blandly mediocre and blindly nationalistic good ol' boy. did he come from the same trailer park as niki mckibbin? did he train at her karaoke bar? what is going on here? what is this lump doing in the top ten? is it because he's a marine? that is so frustrating. why didn't they ship him off to iraq? although if they had shipped him off we would have been subjected to another pointless 'surprise' week where they pretend that the votes count and then don't kick anyone off.

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