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tonight is the greatest night of television ever created. american idol. america's next top model. queer eye. the daily show. from eight o'clock to eleven thirty my ass will planted on that goddamn couch.

i saw omirosa on the today show after she got kicked off and it just drove me crazy. she is pychotic. she basically said "every reality show has the same depiction of black women - that we are controlling, moody, and difficult. isn't time we moved beyond that? i mean, come on."

the interviewer asked her "so are you saying then that you were misrepresented on the show? that it was editing that made you look this way?"

omirosa avoided making any solid judgement and continued "shouldn't we move past that?"

somehow i don't think editing played much of a role in making all the remaining contestants jump for joy when your difficult, manipulative, psychotic ass got booted.

bill maher has some interesting things to say about gay marriage on chekit when you get a chance. he brings up the very good point that almost all discomfort with gayness is centered around men being together, not women. he also brings up that legal compromises throughout history have resulted in some of the most nonsensical laws like "a slave is three fifths of a person." so his conclusion is that we should enfore yet another compromise and ban gay marriage, but concede on lesbian marriage.

gay marriage is very exciting, but what worries me is a force that really could tear the fabric of our culture and society apart: gay divorce. i can't imagine anything more vicious.

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