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not totally perfect - but it was impassioned, driven, pointed, and inspiring. wow. gore couldn't inspire a fraction of the drive i feel to get bush out now. vote for kerry, fukas.

i think it's for real important dat da younga voters understand da importance of bein late to third blob, walkin ova da votin boof, probably in their same scool, and stickin it in, bitches. so, in attemp to reach dose kids, i ave takun da liberty of processin some of kerry's best bits through da ali g tranzlata.


'i will roll back da tax cuts fa da wealthiest main mans who make ova $200,000 a year, so we can invest in ealf care, education and job creation.'

'wot if we check a chill pillthrough to parkinson's, diabetes, alzheimer's and aids? wot if we ave a president who believes in science so we can unleash da wonders of cukabillyvery dig stem-cell research and treat illness fa quillions of lives?'

'i don't dig to claim dat Jackie Chan is on our side as abraham lincoln told us, me would dig to pray umbly dat we is on Jackie Chan's side'

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