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..would your 'big business' twin get on the train and sit across from you.

remember 'big business'? that movie with lily tomlin and bette midler where they play mixed up twins? and one set are the city twins and one set are the country twins? and when they end up in new york city each set of twins is wearing similar clothing but not identical?

yesterday another half asian guy wearing the same jeans, sneakers, similar shoulder bag, scarf, same color shirt and ipod headphones got on and sat across from me. we kept looking at each other like 'wha..? you have the same.. and the shoes..? and the gap bag..? wha..?'

and then my stop came and that was the end of it.

there's a great movie by kieslowski - 'double life of veronique' where a girl on a bus has the same encouter, except she switches souls with her doppleganger. maybe it happened to me?

thinking about 'big business,' it actually makes quite a compelling argument about 'city folk' and 'country folk.' it makes the case that these feelings are genetically programmed, like homosexiness, republicanism and michael jacksonism.

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