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i'm really really really excited about king kong.

in high school and undergrad i dabbled in some 3-d rendering, animation, and graphics. i managed to make a texture-mapped velociraptor run fairly convincingly across the screen, and i used my skills to design several cgi-based posters:

i've been following the production of kong on kongisking since january. now just take a look at kong's tooth here:

there is more information and detail in that tooth than there is in my entire 'into the woods' poster. and that's not even counting the astonishing hair rendering on kong. i'm truly impressed - and knowing that they used the identical process (and actor) to create gollum.. we can be certain that this amazing 3-d model will turn in a fantastic performance. in a sense, we're still watching a man in a suit - it's just that the suit has been applied to the actor digitally. i love it.

check out full res kong here!

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