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marissa tagged me!

here's my top 6 current songs!

the power of orange knickers: tori amos (w/ damien rice!)
feel good: gorillaz
go it alone: beck
since u been gone: ted leo
whatsername: green day
all these things that i've done: the killers

sony is an idiot. did you hear about fiona apple's new cd? once again, i'm waay behind on this story.. how they've been holding it from release for forever now? it's the stupidest thing they could have done. fans were upset enough to start a 'free fiona' campaign to get the album released - well now it's been leaked on the net, and anyone who wants it can download it for free - and sony has lost any opportunity to make even one cent back because it's not in stores or on itunes. stupid stupid stupid! wake up sony! even if you don't like the album, you stand to at least gain something by releasing it, and releasing it to the itunes store would cost you NOTHING. it's the information age!

the album is brilliant by the way. i'm tempted to write a check for $10 and send it to fiona herself. nobody does internal rhymes the way she does.

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