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trains of yore

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went to the transit museum yesterday. was pretty cool. they have one each of the different subway trains that have been in the system for the past 100 years. they were all in pristine condition, which was cool, but i wish they had kept one of the graffiti-covered trains from the 80's. those truly are a relic of the past.

3 responses to “trains of yore”

  1. Blogger whetstone 

    that photograph at the top is gorgeous. did you take it?

    oh, and my friend louisa came over the other day and said something along the lines of "have you ever noticed that these plants smell like cum?"

    she was so happy to hear that she is not alone in the world, as of course i immediately took her upstairs to look at your blog. although she thinks it's the holly bushes, which had no white flowers.

  2. Anonymous Joe 

    i did take it!

    hmm.. maybe it is the holly.. maybe i'm projecting the scent onto the flowers. maybe i'm projecting it everywhere. yuck.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    You can get in trouble for projecting your scent...especially in Central Park. Be careful...keep your projectile in your pants ;)

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