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"i'm cute little dakota fanning. i will find the saddest place in your soul and dwell there for all eternity. can i have some jello?"

did you see the mtv awards last night? dakota fanning terrifies me. i mean, i'm seriously creeped out. i mean, she gives me the willies. her face plate should be taken off and inspected for the little aliens that are driving her. or she is clearly involved in some body switching curse/spell/deal with the devil. some aging actress (susan sarandon? lucille fletcher?) has obviously downloaded their consiousness into that tiny girl shell in attempt to sweep up more awards/rule the earth in a dark reign of terror.

did you hear how the audience got really quiet about halfway through her speech? it was at about the point that she thanked robert deniro for making every day fun on the set, and her agents for bringing the script to her, and her dear husband jeff for watching their two kids taylor and caitlin during the strenuous shooting schedule. yes, that silence that was the collective sound of thousands of people realizing at once that they are being addressed by the antichrist.

fanning: ...and so thank you again to the wonderful people at mtv. i think what you do is so important. we truly must all reach out to the younger generation!



audience: BURN HER! BURN HER!

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