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six feet under is always best when it's character based. glad to see a return to form. there was something epic, sad, about hearing the theme music again last night, after so long, and knowing it will be the final season. maybe it's pathetic, but i'm so attached to the show. even during the missteps, i love it for its flaws. i defend it to the end. it premiered when i moved to the city, and has been there with me through every up and down, relationship and breakup, success and failure. rob used to say that the show was like church, and it was, especially during the third season - it was the church i needed - one that tries to find a spirituality in our chronic skepticism.

more later.

between 'the comeback,' 'entourage,' and 'unscripted' - i may never act again. thanks hbo.

i'm working on an epic new website for myself - about 25 pages in all, covering my poster, web and photography portfolios, cartoons, short films, acting resume, acting reel, music (however dated), etc. it's all very glossy and pretentious. but i'm about to be 30 fucking years old, i'm allowed to be glossy and pretentious, right? ok maybe not. but it's about time i put some of my design energy into promoting myself, right? it's time i like work toward making money doing something i enjoy, right?

damn right.

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