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the idea of the transformers is totally ridiculous. they come from some other planet, and they happen to be constructed to twist and fold themselves to look like our incredibly specialized vehicles? it makes no sense! why do the robots need human forms in the first place? arent they more mobile in their vehicular state anyway? and yes, as a child i was obsessed. they were expensive, so i only had tiny ones, save for one big one: astrotrain.

astrotrain is a triple changer, which means that he has a robot form, and then can change into two different vehicles - the space shuttle, and a train. and it's like, an old school train. what planet did these robots come from??

oh and in robot form, he also carries a gun that is the length of the entire train.

the autobots and decepticons had different logos - and if you heat up the sticker on his leg, you can discover that astrotrain is a bad guy, which always really bothered me. i had serious childhood issues dealing with the beloved space shuttle as a villain.

the michael bay live-action movie is slated for july 4, '07

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