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it's on at 2am on fridays on mtv2. if you've got dvr, record it! or if you're up like i am, watch it!

it's the show that 'tv funhouse' on comedy central several years ago wanted to be - so clever, and wickedly biting, mostly from it's use of actual kids in a show that is so not for kids.

one of my favorite segments has a kid reporter in a trench coat with a microphone, 'on the beat.' the theme song? "kids on the beat, kids on the street, BEAT KIDS! BEAT KIDS," complete with a two fisted logo that has the words 'beat kids' tattooed on the knuckles.

each week, a new 'beat kid' goes to interview adults at some local spot. this week it was the horse race track. our plucky tot reporter says to an old man spectator,

kid:i can do an impression of you!
old man: really? i don't think so! i'm a lot older than you!
kid: no really i can.
old man: ok then, show me your impression of me.
kid: gamble gamble gamble die.

it will then cut to a sweet animation voiced by a little girl who would like to turn into a pony and ride on the back of a unicorn, and land on the rings of saturn. the animation continues on, morphing to illustrate her fantasy with no hint of irony. finally the screen bursts into sparkles when she says 'i like sparkles and porn.'

then we'll get a parody of the segments on sesame street where kids will provide voice-over for stock footage of various factories. at money press at the mint:

kid: this is the machine that taunts you for being poor.
(footage of stack of bills)
kid: that's what mommy degrades herself for!

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