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every time i read something about katrina and/or watch the news i'm just filled with fury. and what upsets me more are these people who blame the victims, saying they should have gotten out. it's missing the point completely. those people need only image that this was a terrorist attack with no warning and then realize how unprepared we are. do they honestly, truly believe that the relief effort has been satisfactory? blah. i can't really add anything insightful here. moderate conservatives and even hardcore conservatives are calling for mike brown to be fired.

and i share andrew sullvan's rage at bush's 'new porch' comment about trent lott's destroyed house. this man is gonna make chipper, smiley jokes about rebuilding a rich white man's house while at that very moment the death toll is rising in new orleans. the attitude just astonishes me - acting as though the disaster had already passed.. i'm sickened.

oh bless kanye, though i have to say, this video reminds me so much of that kid in high school who got himself on the school announcements and then finally, nervously, says "principal groves is a shithead."

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    There is something, though, that even the poorest of residents could and should have done to alleviate their own suffering before it happened (except maybe people who were homeless before the hurricane). It's been the Boy Scout motto for a gazillion years. Be prepared.

    The same could be said for both FEMA and the city of New Orleans, whose treatment of the people who ended up in the city's publicly-announced shelters is tantamount to murder.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    The look on Mike Meyers face is priceless

  3. Blogger Adrienne MacIain 

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  4. Blogger Adrienne MacIain 

    I still think Barbara Bush's comment about the refugees living on top of one another at the Superdome being "better off" than before is the worst. That is the same fucking colonial mentality that has been used to justify the exploitation of countless peoples and nations. They may have been poor, Barbie, but at least they had their goddamn dignity intact!

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