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sometimes a polar bear is just a polar bear

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were you a cloudmaker? does that phrase mean anything to you?

cloudmakers were the global group of people who came together via the internet to solve the mystery of who killed janine salla, sentient machine therapist, as a tie-in to the movie 'a.i.' the movie was not great, but the game was an amazing, transformative experience. clues were dropped in newspaper ads in l.a., new york, tokyo - only a global effort could put it all together. phone numbers would appear coded on websites, call them, and you'd be able to listen to character's voice mails. hundreds of priginal websites were designed for the project, containing hundreds of pages of text, writing out a story far more compelling than the movie's. the game reached its finale shortly after the film opened, resulting in a stunning climax explaining how the globe became encased in the ice that blankets the planet at the film's close. the concept was sheer brilliance.

'lost' seems to be launching a similar game - one was also in play for 'alias,' but from what i hear, no where near the scope of the a.i. game.

check it out.. then go to:

go to the suggested site.. enter the title of that site into a morse code translator and you get: sometimes a polar bear is just a polar bear.

i can't freeze my screen at the moment the red dot appears between the bears. what's in there?

meanwhile, i like 'lost' more than i thought i was going to. the coincidences and the 'mystery' irritate me more than intrigue me, but i still like it. the production team is great and the storytelling is good. they're all dead ya'll, they're all dead.

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