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the repetition exercise at work

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i took acting classes at the atlantic theatre school this past winter, and it was one of the best artistic learning experiences of my life. 10 weeks of 'practical aesthetics' taught me more about truthfulness in acting than 3 years of grad school.

the centerpiece of the training is the repetition exercise, whose purpose is to engender the habit of putting your attention fully on the other person, to always be aware of what they are doing, and most of all, to invent nothing, deny nothing.

one of my teachers, karen kohlhass, who teaches this technique with an incredible dignity, grace, and open heart said 'the air in the room changes when someone is telling the truth.'

now just watch felicity huffman in this interview. it's obvious that the benefits of the repetition exercise are totally engrained in her being. she refuses to give prepackaged answers, she's willing to call out her inane interviewer's behavior, and she's effortlessly frank.

it might have something to do with her husband co-inventing the technique..

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