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um, so here's what's goin on:

1. my computer hard drive mysteriously died. i may have lost every photo i've ever taken, several paid projects in development, and my new website, which i'd been working on for 4 months. the data rescue attempt will occur this week, but i've resolved myself to losing it all rather than paying up to the $2700 i was quoted to save it. moral: BACK UP EVERYTHING. macs are not immune.

2. brokeback mountain. holy crap a rama. just a fucking brilliant movie. not only a startlingly good adaptation of the short story, but so universal in themes that it's just a great love story, period.

3. munich. a pretty good movie. one of the best scripts speilberg has worked with in a long time, and mostly devoid of girl-in-the-red-coat cheese moments, save for an inexplicably lame sequence at the end that parallels eric bana's special brand of sweaty fucking with the actual munich massacre. really, speilberg? really? i want to know if that scene was actually in the tony kushner draft of the screenplay, or if eric roth or speilberg dropped it in. not lame enough to ruin the film, but so lame.

oh and, there's a shot of the twin towers at the end, and the guy sitting next to me in the theatre said "wow, they musta shot that before 9/11." really dude? really?

also, both 'munich' and 'war of the worlds' feature conspicuous act 3 family reunions in brooklyn, which are so identical, i wondered if stevie shot them on the same day. anyway, it was still a good film. love that daniel craig.

4. heath ledger and michelle willams live two doors down. they just moved to brooklyn. apparently i'm the only person in the hood who hasn't met them yet.

5. idleness. it's ending. new theatre project is gearing up. it's going to be a very busy winter/spring/2006. a lot of my life is going to change this year.

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  1. Blogger Marissa 

    yay you're back!! i can't believe that about your computer - omg, i KNOW how traumatic that must have been/is for you. seriously!! have yet to see brokeback, but have heard incredible things so i must see it soon, and as for heath and michelle...just go knock on their door. i would. ;)

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