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the passion of the aiken

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so, yet another of clay's online hookups has spoken out. and posted his cam pics. it makes me sad n' angry. clay had many perfect opportunities to come out of the closet:

1) the very first time he was interviewed for american idol.

2) the day after losing american idol.

3) his feature story in 'rolling stone'

4) his 'autobiography'

5) every day that he's ever lived since coming into the public spotlight.

6) the day his mother got a sonogram and the doctor said 'yep, it's a gaykin.'

the 'claymates' are suing him for, what, misrepresentation of character? which so perfectly reveals their hypocrisy. these are the same people who shouted from the rooftops that it 'wouldn't matter' and 'who cares' if clay is gay. of course now that evidence of mounting is, well, um, mounting, they're all in a tizzy.

i'm pissed at clay. he was poised to be a hero to awkward gay teens nationwide. and now he's a outright liar to his christian fanbase, and a slutty barebacking manwhore to his gays fans. everyone hates him. he could have played this so many better ways:

the johnny wier way: refuse to answer the question while winking at gay fans.

the ricky martin way: refuse to answer the question while having sex with gay fans.

the george michael way: say 'oops, i really did think i was straight. what was i thinking? who wants to have sex with me?'

clay, you seriously fucked up. what you have to do now is just come out of your own accord, before every internet hookup you've ever had comes forward.. and it sounds like there have been a LOT.

my roommate (and many others.. 'my roommate' is often 'the voice of greater america') says 'why should i care if clay is gay? it doesn't make any difference to me who he sleeps with! why should i give a shit?' and here's what i say: 'when you see clay you see a successful talented white kid. when i see clay i see a person who has overcome adversity, prejudice and self hatred similar to my own in order to be successful.'

and no, i don't believe that 'orientation' is and ever should be considered a 'privacy' issue. we'll never get very far as long as anyone believes that something so fundamental needs to be silenced. i do however fully understand an unwillingness to say -specifically- who a person may or may not be sleeping with. but orientation? sorry. it should be as open, as for-granted, as gender.

2 responses to “the passion of the aiken”

  1. Blogger ClosingSpeed 

    His duplicitousness has annoyed me for years, but I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing. No matter what, he wasn't going to have gay fans. He's not hot. His only chance was with Christian pre-teen girls. You give George Michael an undeserved pass. First of all, he, like Ricky Martin, was hot. Second, he made his millions over a period when the possibility of gayness didn't occur to the average teen girl. Answering "no comment" was tactically plausible at the time. That doesn't work today. It's come to an ugly end, but at least he had a nice little run. Good for him.

  2. Blogger ClosingSpeed 

    I can't say I wouldn't have played it the same way Gayken did. He didn't have all the options you think he had. Gay or not, he wasn't going to have gay fans. He's not hot. His only shot was with Christian pre-teen girls. He did what he had to do. Yes, the end is looking ugly but at least he had a nice little run.

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