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summer of '96

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..was a bit of a moviemaking renaissance for me and my little band of filmmakers. we made AF1, and i just sat down and transferred the other short we made that summer, severe thunderstorm, a parody of twister, starring justin speer and szilvia schranz. i do have a screaming cameo at the end. enjoy.

justin, where did you go!? email me!

5 responses to “summer of '96”

  1. Anonymous roz 

    Who is that Justin Speer? Damn, he is good! He is not answering his phone, but I did mention that I was watching him on the internet. I didn't tell him more than that; when he returns the call, I will tell him where to find that dashing New Yorker, Joe LaRue.

    You never know who is reading your blogs!! Yes, it's a blast from the past...

    Love! Roz

  2. Blogger j 


    wow! yay! great to hear from you, and looking forward to hearing from justin! i love the internets.

  3. Anonymous roz 

    I am addicted to the internets! Shhh--don't tell anyone. Really, though, there are so many things out there, that how could one not love the internets? (that is a george quote, right?) Today I am researching 1984, the place we seem to find ourselves in today.
    Meant to tell you how much i like your website. Excellent. I didn't try just now, but earlier when I tried to watch your audition video, nothing happened. Is it just something i haven't downloaded?

    I am sure that Justin will write; he is working fulltime and taking graduate classes, so he is a bit overloaded these days. Have you heard from Szilvia lately? It was great to see her too!


  4. Blogger j 

    hi roz,

    the audition movie was just really big and was taking a long time to load. i replaced it with a smaller version that should start up right away.. enjoy!

    spoke with szilvia this weekend! she's in the city and doing very well - travelling all over singing and teaching..

  5. Blogger jnkiefer 

    Joe(y)! this is Jen(ni) (Kiefer) although that isn't my last name now even though I am a divorced dyke I neglected to retake my maiden name- laziness. I just moved to New Jersey - I was in NY today and I don't know why but I thought to myself - I wonder if Joey is still here... and here you are. This seemed as good a spot to comment as any since you were mentioning Justin Speer and Roz emailed. So email me sometime - looks like you have been seriously busy. Very impressive stuff, though I am not surprised. Love your gaiken rant.
    Hope to hear from you.

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