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gays gays gays

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i didn't see it, but i've just been informed of this story on cbs tonight: the science of homosexuality. based on what i've read about the story it sounds like a horribly unscientific borderline homophobic piece extremely reminiscent of the piece of crap book 'the sissy boy syndrome' i read a few years ago. 'the sissy boy syndrome' was written in 1987. HAS THERE BEEN NO PROGRESSION OF THOUGHT IN THIS FIELD SINCE???

here's a malcontent link with clip.

and here's an article on it in the washington blade.

i think what this shows is that it really isn't enough to just be 'out' anymore. sure, silence equals death, but what we have now is visibility without voice. people know other people who are gay, but don't really know what our experience has been. for many, i think 'brokeback mountain' was many straight people's first real grasp of what it means to be in the closet. equating femininity to gayness may be an indicator of sorts, but how many exceptions to this rule do we all know? this idea that orientation is locked in one way or the other is just ludicrous. remember the cuddle puddle? kids are growing up with open minds about what they might grow into, or be attracted to. it's so much more fluid.

anderson cooper really needs to do a similar story. i'm sure his would be much more balanced and far less ignorant. because, well, he understands.

thanks john for the tip.

also, i totally love the 'clay aiken fucked me' blog. though this idea that paulus was coerced is totally ridiculous. he's a big gay whore and knew from moment one that he was going to use a clay hookup to gain noteriety. i plan to do the same thing once i land mr. cooper. and his boyfriend.

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  1. Anonymous Michael Ditto 

    I actually loved the piece. We're looking at actually handing out DVDs of the thing to undecided voters.

    One of the interesting bits was that a first-born male child has about a 3% chance of being gay. With each successive child, the probability goes up by one third.

    But if a second or third-born boy carries the gene for left-handedness, the probability remains a flat 3%. That means there must be a measurably smaller number of gay southpaws than straight southpaws.

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