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ok. here's a statement that has irritated me nearly as long as people have been asking me 'what are you?' it's when people (usually people on reality tv shows) say 'i don't agree with homosexuality.'

that phrase just makes me insane. what is the best response to this? i always feel compelled to shoot back 'well, i dont agree with black people.' (or the ethnicity of your choice). because, what's to agree with?

you know, i see some raging homo walking down the street with a really bad fauxhawk and it's quite easy for me to say 'you know, i just don't agree with the gays.' but to not agree with homosexuality is like not agreeing with crayons. or any object.

the phrase perfectly illlustrates the power of language to contain deep misunderstandings. by implying that homosexuality is something to be agreed or disagreed with, it infers that being gay is a chosen position with inherit arguments. it's a carefully constructed weapon of the smarter homophobes, passed down to people like mandisa, because it simultaneously reinforces a world view while couching a deeper intolerance.

how can we combat this? what's the best response?

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