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one of the worst teachers in the history of teaching

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i just finished harry potter 5, the order of the phoenix and loved it loved it loved it. diving right into #6.

my favorite character in #5 is the new villain, umbridge - who will be played by imelda staunton in the movie. she's perfect, though i do know someone who would be far far better.

4 responses to “one of the worst teachers in the history of teaching”

  1. Blogger Omnibozo 

    You talkin' bout me?! You talkin' bout me!?
    Your father the history teacher

  2. Anonymous Jennifer B 

    Oh this is great, so amazingly great. I visit your blog fairly regularly and when the page opened today I literally sheiked with horror. That's right, HORROR.

    Good call Joe, good call.

  3. Anonymous Jennifer 

    I literally shrieked in horror when I opened your page. That hair should be illegal.
    You scared me Joe.

  4. Blogger Kate 

    So you've only recently gotten into Harry Potter? I think they made a great choice of Imelda Staunton for Umbridge. She's a great character. Whenever I read book 5 (I've read it about 6 times), I actually feel physically violent towards her. ;-) If you like Harry Potter, you might like a blog I co-run. It's called I'm not spamming you, and actually you might not want to visit us until you finish book 6, since we discuss all manner of spoilers.

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