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man, i wish i knew about this beforehand. what a great idea.. i love this kind of random strange coolness. on april 23rd, a large group of people dressed conspicuously like best buy employees wandered into the 23rd street store at roughly the same time. they did nothing but stand at the ends of aisles, politely help anyone who might need assistance, and if asked by employees what they're doing, just say they're 'waiting for a friend.'

the lower level employees loved it. the management went apeshit. my favorite part is the description of the manager yelling into his walkie talkie 'thomas crown affair! thomas crown affair!' that is just the most hilarious thing ever. does anyone even remember that movie? i guess the only people who would get that reference are serious movie geeks and employees of the flat screen tv section of best buy that might be playing the film all day, every day.

i just have this image of a dwight schrute type middle manager, seeing something unfold before him, slowly puts the pieces together and realizes that SOMEONE WHO'S SEEN THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR IS USING THE SAME STRATEGY TO HEIST THE BEST BUY!!! this would be a good time to run through the store and shout the movie's title into your walkie talkie. i mean, thomas crown affair?? he also could have run around shouting 'V FOR VENDETTA! V FOR VENDETTA!'

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