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i was dogsitting for the downstairs neighbors all weekend, and everytime i walk byron, i walk him down the street past heath and michelle's fancy place on the opposite corner, in the hope that i might see them.

see, we're really close. and it seems like everyone else has spotted them around the neighborhood. in fact, heath has already met byron. he loves byron, and he told byron's owner that 'byron, australia' is where little matilda was conceived. odd information to pass out on the street to a stranger, but byron does have that effect on people.

see? he is the coolest dog ever.

so this was saturday morning and i rolled out of bed to walk byron so that he wouldn't poop on my head, which you might know, is any dog's last minute strategy to get outside before exploding.

we walked down the street, turned the corner, and - i've made a little diagram.

there they were, right in front of me, walking matilda in a stroller. michelle's hair was stylishly unkempt, heath had a nice camera over his shoulder, red t shirt and baseball cap. hot hot hot.

i of course, with my grayness and long hair and early morning grogginess looked like this:

byron ran right up to matilda and started sniffing her. i pulled her back and kind of waved at heath and michelle saying 'hi.. sorry.. hahah.. sorrry.. hi..' they were deep in conversation with random guy and just kind of waved back, acknowledged my existence and kept talking to the guy as i passed between heath and michelle.

next time. next time i will talk to them.

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