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on having a mixed race baby

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my roommates are having a boy! the mom is japanese-american, and the dad is white white white. being of similar heritage, (filippino and white white white) the new baby can look forward to many things:

* having many people introduce themselves to you with 'what are you?'

* having people walk up to you in stores barking out questions assuming you work there.

* when you hit puberty and are at the mall with your mom, everyone will know you're out with mom. when you're out with dad, everyone will think you're with 'some strange older guy.'

* people in the office will pass the 'learn to speak chinese' email to everyone but you because they won't know if you'll find it funny. (ps: i dont.)

* having numerous skeezy older people lament about your 'mysterious, exotic look.' (which is really a way for them to get around asking 'what are you???')

* you will be gay. best deal with that now.

* going to a bar and being 'that asian guy.' going to an asian bar and being 'that half-white guy.'

* best learn about computers. people will just start asking you questions.

* people will tell you 'it's not an issue with me,' and you'll have no idea what they're talking about.

* sitting on the A train in brooklyn, looking around and thinking to yourself 'wow, i'm the only white person on this train,' and then feeling suddenly horrified that you'd just completely forgotten an entire part of your identity.

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  1. Blogger Omnibozo 

    You missed the possibility that white white white women might be attracted to Asian men. As Major McBride says in Passage to India... "I believe it is obvious that the darker races are always attracted to the fairer races." In reply, lawyer Amud Drahaw says, "Even when the man is the more attractive one?"

    I think there is a play that mentions the problem with the assumption that Asian men hold no attraction for white women. You've probably read it, or been in it.

    Just wondering... have you ever been called at twinkie or a banana? The terms don't exactly fit your situation, but after the ethnic bars comment, I wondered.


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