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sunset, and new year

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i think it's time for a real new years post. i took this the other night before hitting the highway home. sometimes, the sunsets out here are just stunning.

what was my 2006? it was deep, deep discontent, depression, then resolve to create change. it was a drive across the country, and a leap into the unknown. it was learning to edit, getting accepted to a film festival, and washing dishes backstage at a cooking show. it was reconnecting with old friends, finding a new home, a boyfriend, new friends, and a creative job.

been thinking a lot about what i want to accomplish this year - been a bit conflicted about where i'm heading professionally. the truth is, i enjoy doing design work, and i've done it as a side business since my sophomore year in college. it feels truly great to really be doing it, like, not just "pretend" doing it - meeting with clients, working on the project, and sending them home happy. i've fallen into a job situation that is shaky, but holds the potential to develop into practically anything i can muster the energy to create, which, when it's not driving me crazy is pretty exciting.

and so i'm staying for the time being. i have a great assistant, edward, and we're working together to make the design wing of this business a success. it feels good to be busy, and once i get a little more settled into this situation, i intend to pile on the extra-curricular projects, as i always have.

in may, i'm taking the second level final cut classes, and in the fall, i will continue my acting education with the atlantic theatre company - finally offering their classes in LA!

i also just got a new baby - 17" macbook pro. it is a beautiful, beautiful thing. i'm very very poor once again, but this thing is so worth it. it will pay for itself in no time. it's so exciting to have a machine with enough capacity to actually hold movie files, as well as having the RAM to edit swiftly. it's a powerful, powerful tool.

february is gonna be a great month: going back to florida to see the opening of neal's play 'american western' at our grad acting program at UF. it's an amazing play, and i hope to direct a future production. then for a few days it's back to boulder for the boulder international film festival. my short is screening on friday, which is good - i get to relax and go to parties and films for the rest of the fest!

one of my goals for year is to direct another short film - with a full crew, and this time, in HD. i want it to be top quality.

i will also complete the adaptation of neal's play 'second' for film. it will be amazing. it will be our 'magnolia.'

my other goal is to continue to practice my biggest lessons of 2006:
freedom comes from confronting fear
start from where you're at, and any goal is achievable

i'm really excited about this year. i've settled into the landing, and am crouched and ready to spring back into action.

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  1. Blogger Marissa 

    what a year this has been for you, joe! i can't wait to see what 2007 has in store.

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