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i had been battling pinkeye for over a week. last week my eyes were so red, itchy, and puffy that i couldn't even function, so i pretty much just slept for three days straight. it's interesting that the two times i've been the most ill in my life have been immediately before and after the four year period that i had health insurance.

after my eyes didn't seem to get any better after three days, i finally went to the doctor where i was prescribed eye drops to put in every two hours. 5 minutes after dropping them in, i could taste metal in the back of my throat, and a strange white film would develop on my tongue. a google search revealed that the substance in these drops is the same stuff used to combat anthrax infection. freakshow. thankfully, after 4 days, it seems to have done the trick.

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  1. Anonymous Michael Ditto 

    That's what you get for using Worcestershire sauce as embalming fluid, you bad man!

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