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history repeats itself, doesn't it? josh is now a certified mckibbin, having lasted through an upset, although not quite as alarming as tamyra's exit. i think the best part was seeing josh's face, buring in his hands, knowing that he didn't deserve to be there, even after trying to sabotage himself on tuesday's show. i don't think this guy even wants to be a singer. i'm sure he'd quit if he didn't have such a high moral code. he's got a great future as a bartender in a detroit country-western bar. nikki mckibbin had computer geeks programming their modem dialers to give her thousands and thousands of extra votes, and now josh has the entire armed forces voting for him in the name of patriotism. don't these people realize that electing bland trash like josh to the top spot will only create more terrorists?

do i even need to mention justin (i wink because i love me) guarini's sadly forgettable 'performance' of a 'song' from his new 'album?' god, it all came rushing back to me.. the reasons i despised him last year. and his ascent to the #2 position also explains josh's success. i hope josh and clay end up in the top spots. they can film the movie 'from joshua to clay,' featuring the duet "i'm not asking (and i'm not telling)."

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