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i received an email from someone named scott saying "At the end of last night's show Clay went on in deeply religious tones about "God's plan". Out-of-the-closet religious gay men don't belong to churches with that of rhetoric. He doesn't know!"

well clay clearly isn't out of the closet - maybe because he can't be, and maybe it's a self imposed, self-hatred kind of closet. we may never know. but we sure do know that gay men and the church go hand in hand like syrup on pancakes.

yay more hate mail! here's a gem from gillian:

"What the hell is your problem, now your picking on Ruben because he isn't "super gay" as you may think Clay is. I agree with lollipopcutie on this one, you have no right to veto the opions of others on what sexuality clay akien may or may not be. Some people including myself feel that this is an outrage because your being such a  asshole and being so pestimistic in finding out whether he is gay or ratting him out. This seems a little consipcious in the way your acting, how does that show to others? GAY! maybe, so don't be bitching your face off in saying how gay he may be, beause it's insulting and would u like it if we made a web site about you, telling how "super gay" Joe is.... So shut the fuck up and leave them alone because atleast they have lives and are going somewhere... "

gillian i totally love your email. darling, you're babbling like paula. there are so many apples to pick off this tree i don't know where to begin! pessimistic? au contraire, i'm tremendously optimistic to find out that clay is gay. he's a great hope and role model to all twinky homos nationwide; you know, the ones who went to the prom with the unpopular girls, the ones with exclusively female friends, the ones who had female roommates in college (hmm.. sound like anyone?).

insulting? if i'm being insulting to clay then please allow me to insult you in a similar fashion: gillian you are such a woman! woman!!! you have boobs, you woman woman!

ohmigod gillian you should totally make a website about how super gay i am! oh, wait. this -is- a website about how super gay i am! lemme tell you gillian, i am the gayest gay of all the gays. clay has nothing on me. lemme tell you how gay i am: my boyfriend and are going to see frenchie davis in 'rent' this weekend (full review of her performance forthcoming, fear not fellow homos), now that's gay!

keep the hate mail comin' folks! most creative flames (ha ha) will be posted!

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