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i was sitting at my desk and i had a sudden flashback to last night's show. jesus, i sat through justin guarini didn't i? he sang a slightly hip version of 'unchained melody' the night after clay did.. and tamyra was on too, determined to outsing (and out-dramatize) kymbyrly locke's 'somewhere over the rainbow.' what is this? i swear, the producers can only get the rights to ten songs.

and why didn't they bring back nikki mckibbin??? i bet they asked her. i bet they made offer after offer, but it just would not fit into her hectic schedule. they said 'nikki, we're prepared to offer you a second chance to prove you weren't the result of a delusional, mindfucked american voting public, solidifying our need for an electoral college.' and she said 'gosh, ya'll! i'd really luv to, but i havta dye the back of my head blonde, then do the top of my head red, then do the tips purple, and after that i havta wipe all the beer piss off my karaoke machine. maybe next year!'

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