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tonight is a big night for the 'idol' kids. at this point i don't even know who i want to win.. kimberley has had some stellar moments - ever since her 'new york state of mind' performance i began to believe that she could possibly win.. but it seems like she falls apart during every third performance.

it all depends on the performances tonight. kimberley is hit or miss. clay aiken is often bland. ruben studdard will be the same as always, no doubt. so really i have no idea who i'm voting for.

last night i watched the 'unauthorized story of three's company' on nbc, co-produced by joyce dewitt. it's pretty amazing how dewitt comes across as a completely innocent victim, and nbc is the only network spared the wrath of suzanne somers. all in all, it was pretty well done. jud tylor will surely win the emmy for her 'phone call' scene, in which she has to cheerfully read the lines 'hi janet, it's chrissy!' as she realizes that she is slowly being phased out of the show. it's studio bitchiness at its best. makes me wish simon fuller had done the same thing with dunkleman. 'hi ryan, it's brian!' (tears streaking down his face, while the director demands 'more energy!')

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