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dammit. josh gracin is moving onto the next round. i have a bad feeling kimberley locke is going to be voted out by america. in a repeat of last year’s tamyra episode, nikki mckibbin had one of her only strong nights on the same night that tamyra had a relatively weaker night. the verdict: tamyra’s out and nikki moves into the top three. i’m willing to bet we see the same thing tonight with josh and kimberley locke. i've lost all faith. i'm ready to set myself on fire in the middle of the street.

it’s all about demographics. josh has the military and southern conservative rah rah jingoistic ‘let’s bomb those sand-niggers’ vote. ruben has the northern black vote, and the votes of people who appreciate consistent talent. kimberley has the majority of the adult female vote, and clay has the gay vote and the teenage girl vote. (the gay vote and the teenage girl vote are the same demographic).

clay aiken, what are you doing?? grease? you follow up one of your best performances with this pap? do you really want josh to win?

of course you have come this website because you are wondering 'is clay aiken gay?' and i am here to tell you with unwavering authority that, yes, he is indeed the cock smoker you suspect him to be. there is such a lovely fascination with the pansy-boy, isn't there? especially the cute ones with teams of stylists.

in college i read an interesting, but obviously conservative-slanted book called 'the sissy boy syndrome' by richard green, in which he interviewed and followed the lives of young boys who displayed effeminate behavior. some of the boys underwent his 'therapy' to stop the effeminate behavior and grew up sexually confused. others grew up gay despite the 'training,' and some grew up claiming to be straight, but still confessed homosexual fantasies. hmm. so basically, moms of the world: if little timmy is trying to breast feed a 'my little pony' you can bet he's gonna be riding a different kind of horse in twenty years.

sexuality is a broad landscape. it's easy for someone who's not gay to look at effeminate boys, see that later they come out as gay, and believe that 'if only i'd stopped little timmy from using that easy bake oven, he'd be chasing pussy!'

the sissy behavior is a symptom, an early indicator that genetically, something is different with your child. what is so difficult to grasp, even for (and sometimes especially for) gay rights advocates is the wide array of possibility that can occur within the human mind. there's a lot of room for sexual confusion in our world. women are much freer to explore the gray areas of their sexuality because women are conditioned to appear beautiful and it is socially acceptable for other women to acknowledge that beauty. lesbianism is encouraged by straight male society, especially if it involves jello and a wrestling ring. boys don't get to play around like that, so we're conditioned to think much more cut and dry. maybe clay isn't gay. maybe he'd just like to know, for pure scientific curiosity, what it feels like to tackle ryan seacrest's waifish nubile body from behind in a kiddie pool filled with chocolate pudding. all resulting boners are purely coincidental.

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