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i've been getting email from distraught teenage girls. this one is my personal favorite, from 'lollipopcutie':

"Just remember that while you continue to rat him out on how "Super Gay" he is... he hasn't been in the bottom 3 ONCE this entire competition! So it doesn't seem to bug other people as much as it bugs you which makes me wonder why you're even doing this in the first place and why you're so confident of his sexuality. Fans love him and that's all you need to know. "

holy shit yo! girl, you so right. i didn't even notice that clay has never been in the bottom three. there is no way on god's green earth that someone not in the bottom three could ever, ever be gay. ever. i was so completely mistaken. i take it all back. thank you lollipopcutie, for your insight hath opened mine eyes.

kids, are we still in a place where 'gay' is used to connote 'bad?' where someone goes to see 'daredevil' and comes out saying 'that's so gay' referring to the putrid quality of the film and not to the sexual tension between affleck and colin farrell?

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