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trauma trauma trauma

i was happily cleaning house, ipod plugged into the stereo, singing along loudly, when suddenly the music stopped. after some strange blips, blinking lights, and intermittent access, all traces of functionality were replaced by the 'apple logo of death.' when the apple logo of death appears and doesn't go away, apple has only one thing to say: kiss your data goodbye and send in for a replacement. sorry, thanks.

shock. denial. i had oh so foolishly used my ipod as file storage. no, mr. fish, not just for porn, thank you, but also for my entire graphic design history. yeah, that's how stupid i was. but see, i've built up a trusting relationship with apple over the years. they're a friend. they're glossy and friendly and reliable. not like the coarse, built-to-fail pc's. but on further reading of the ipod literature i discover that the ipod is basically built to fail — that freezes are commonplace. that you should expect your drive to be periodically wiped. that you should happily send it back to apple when it happens and they will give you a different, refurbished ipod as a replacement.

it's so disappointing to discover that your friends are unreliable, and upon discovering this they say indignantly 'but you knew this about me, didn't you?'

i may be able to get the data back, though not cheaply. tekserve quotes $350 to recover the data. for that i could get new ipod. so i'm faced with a choice: do i just let all those memories go, fade into the digital distance, and spend my money on a nice, reliable, real hard drive on which to back up? or do i pay the price of my folly?

sunday night. ended up in bryant park, which was stunning. i love that spot so much. made me forget for a moment.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Joe... love the city pictures above. Any change of you putting the high-res versions so I can use it as a wallpaper... with your permission of course?

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