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okay, we knew it was going to happen. we should not be surprised. we knew the republicans would have the upper hand by having their convention after ours. we knew they would have ample time to devise perfect ways to answer every issue brought up at the dems convention.

the attitude here in nyc is destroying me. i've had three friends now say 'bush is gonna win in a landslide.' oh they knew what they were doing by invading the city, by blocking off the streets, by delaying trains, busses, traffic, by making their presence felt in every corner of the grid.

i was walking to the subway last night and realized that the republicans are everywhere. all the women look like senator's wives, they all have this same weirdly cropped haircut with their primary color blazers and whatnots and their convention passes around their necks and the men are straight out of the 1950's with their gray hair parted to the side and their tailored suits and their goddamn positive hand shaking dog petting baby kissing attitudes. i walked by a nice republican couple trying to get a cab. they seemed so chipper. i wanted to just go up to them, all smiles, get their names, shake their hands and very politely tell them 'i'm sure you're having a very nice time in your protected square of the city, but you should know that 4/5ths of us despise your presence here myself included so would you please kindly get your goddamned privledged white asses out our city thank you very much.'

but i'm not that confrontational. my only form of protest was by taking pictures of the queensborough bridge with the imagined objective of finding the best place to put the bombs. though the pics still came out a little artsy.

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