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i need to very belatedly welcome mr. dolan back into the blog-o-tron. you have been greatly missed. i would post comments, but your blog is set to only accept comments from team members. put me on your team!

4 responses to “tag team me”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    so anyway...

    What's Mr. Dolan's blog address??


  2. Blogger j 

    hi hank!

    unfortunately, mr. dolan's blog is top secret.. perhaps one day he'll go public. nice blog yourself, though!


  3. Anonymous Anonymous 


    Thanks for the good words. My blog's top secret too, but in a different one reads it! LOL!

    Take care,


  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    OMG! SEE! I TOLD YOU! even people who don't know me want to read it! why?!?! what is up with that?!?!? lol. don't you feel special, joey baby! it's JUST like i said in that scandalous blog entry I wrote about me, stalkers, the wax, and the three goats in my bedroom!


    PS- Hank, sorry babe, it'll never be public. :-)

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