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lament of terry souther

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this was in the comments today:

hello, iwould like to see the sexual preditors in my area but your websight won't let me . where do you put zip code to do this? i have tried can me at thank you terry souther
hi terry.

as my friend rob asks: are you interested to find out if you're on the list?

if you'd like to find a sexual predator, please scroll down and see the 'horny hillbilly.'

sexual predators: shoot terry an email and let him know where you are. thanks.

3 responses to “lament of terry souther”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Hi Joe,

    I live in NYC and looked at and typed in my zip code. It brought up some dude in ORLANDO, 1,000 miles away.

    Does that mean my children, if I decide to have them, are safe from sexual predators in the greater tri-state region?

    Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter,


  2. Blogger j 

    hi anonymous,

    as the webmaster and proprietor of, i feel confident in telling you that yes, the nearest sexual predator to you is safely away in orlando. bill used to live in manhattan, but he moved. he really wanted to be in boy band country. so breed away, anonymous. your kids are safe.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    hello rob and friends, no i'm not the list.haha an i'm not a him i'm a her. terry souther

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