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overheard on the subway

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woman 1: did you hear about mcgreevey?

woman 2: yeah i heard he resigned.

1: and he came out of the closet.

2: what?

1: yeah, he said 'i'm gay,' and he quit because he had an affair. with a man.

2: i didn't hear about that part. he's gay?

1: yeah, he said it just this afternoon.

2: and he had a gay affair?

1: that's what he said.

2: doesn't he have kids?

1: yeah, he does.

2: that's crazy.

1: i know. i mean, if you're going to be gay fine, but get out of the relationship you're in first.

2: with a man? that's just sick. i mean i probably shouldn't say that. (laughing)

1: (laughing)

2: but it is, isn't it? it's disgusting! i know, we're supposed to be open minded and all, and i have nothing against gay people, but the thought just makes me ill, i'm sorry.

1: don't apologize to me! it repulses me too. who could ever do that? with a man?

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    it makes me sick hearing people talk like that.i take it personally,because i'm a straight woman and i'm obsessed with gay men.i don't mean in a "fag hag" sort of way.i mean i'm turned on by the thought of two men kissing each other and having sex with each other.i know that makes me weird [even though straight men are turned on by lesbians] but everytime i hear women say that man-on-man action is gross,i just feel all the more freakish.

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