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i seem to be one of the only people to have written about - since over 300 people viewed my site yesterday through yahoo searches. quite amazing. who would guess that commenting on a sexual predator service would be my new 'clay aiken is gay'?

'sexual predator service.' hmm. sounds like a dating service, really. in fact, the voice on the recording sounded like a dating service. she was so happy to inform me of rapists that she may as well have been informing me about single, chiseled doctors in my area.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I live in Massachusetts, and today I got one of those phone calls about zipcode Of course my answering machine picked it up, so it saved my arse from feeling like a fool today if I went to push the buttons to see what it's all about, but here I am lurking online like the secret fool I can and stumbled upon your web site talking about this. I would of thought there would be more people complaining about this? Anyhoo, I checked out what you had to say, and I think your really cool. I admire your sense of view when you take photographs. Take care! JoAnn

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    this is a jorrible site.. many children are molested all the time .. i thought by coming here i would be able to find if there are any people in my area i should worry about..and what do i get garbage.. this should be should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. Blogger j 

    um hi anonymous.

    yes, children are molested all the time and it is horrible. hello, that's my point. isn't it just as horrible that such a friendly voice tries to instill the fear of god into you, and -then- tries to get you to fork over $30 so that you can save your children? and not only that, they're getting you to fork it over for information that is free!

    and you wonder if there are people in your area that you should worry about? do you live in the world? of -course- there are people in your area you should worry about.

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