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thanks to advice from my friend david, i ran the simple 'disk utility' program on my busted ipod and a couple clicks later, voila. my data.

yes, mr. fish, the porn too.

how utterly irritating that tekserve would have gladly charged me $100 per mouse click on a piece of standard os x software to 'fix' it themselves. and how doubly irritating that apple does not offer this advice on their service website.

next: buying a super big, stable hard drive.
(check out the creepy camoflage fish in that pic)

my fortune cookie today says:
you are a perfectionist. don't spoil it.

now what the hell does that mean? don't spoil my perfectionism by lowering my standards? or don't spoil the thing i'm being a perfectionist about by obsessing about tiny details?

there are days that grind at you. there are things you want to write in your blog but you can't because you know that people read it and word spreads and soon the person written about will either stumble upon it themselves or be sent a link to it via email once a friend decipers the clues and figures out who you're talking about. there are moments that you sit in your cubicle wondering if things are still as you thought they were yesterday. yesterday, that day you decided to concede for a little extra cash, and health insurance. has the thing you chose to do for stability so that you could pursue the thing you really want to do become the thing that you do? have you become every sad office worker cliche? will i be here forever?

somedays something as simple as twizzlers getting stuck in the vending machine is enough to unravel a person's last shred of sanity.

had a request for the bryant park pics in full resolution.. here's one. and the other.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Good thing you got the porn! The porn is the most important data on the whole drive.

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