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save mary

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concerned women for america want to save mary cheney.

read that letter. it's a doozy.

how can ms. mary stay silent? more to the point, how can she run her father's campaign? will she or her father have to explain -why- if kerry's mentioning of her lesbianism was shameful (akin to mentioning a child's drug addiction), has mary not 'fixed' herself? now it's not just the homos who want to hear what she has to say, but fundamentalist christians must also be wondering what's going on.

it's clear that mary's involvement in dad's campaign has nothing to do with ideology, only power and prestige, and that dick and mary work very hard to play their christian base. it's a weird thought, because in one way it humanizes dick and lynne - that they accept their daughter and their daughter's partner, they just pretend outrage when it's politically convenient.

so, as my friend neal asks, what's worse: a real fundamentalist christian, or a person who pretends to be a fundamentalist christian?

probably the pretender. the pretender pisses off everyone, on all sides.

dear god. the letter contains a link to a photo of john edwards with the leaders of PFOX and JONAH - that's 'parents and friends of ex-gays' and 'jews offering new alternatives to homosexuality.' how long did they have to work on that acronym? there's something the power of desperately trying to not think of weenies that brings out the creative side in people.

now take one look at that picture and tell me it doesn't look like a photo of edwards sandwiched by staff members from the human rights campaign. in fact, are we sure this is the right photo? i mean, really, shouldn't the leaders of PFOX and JONAH look more like sandy rios?

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