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according this more detailed death clock, i actually have 56 years left to live, which sounds a bit more accurate as it takes into account how long your grandparents lived, and other health factors. what it doesn't take into account though is the inevitable life extending scientific progress that will occur in that time, so i may get an extra ten years - of being hooked up so some sort of machine.

wouldn't it be cool if in the future old people's walkers and assisted breathing devices were all enclosed in a robotic walking machine like ripley drives at the end of aliens? our bodies would be useless and dead, but we could walk around and crush children with our giant steel legs. now that's a future worth living for.

2 responses to “death clock”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    since i'm going to be around about 10 more years than you, can i have all your cd's when you kick the bucket?

  2. Blogger j 

    i think cds will be obsolete by the time i die. so, i will to you my implanted 'thought-music' chip when i die.


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