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29 - fuck yeah!

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i turned 45 yesterday. forty five years left to live, that is, if the death clock has its way. really i turned twenty fucking nine.

dear friends dana and mike got me a fantastic cake

and a tshirt that says 'you must be this tall to ride this ride.'

in honor of impending adulthood, i put the shirt on over my other shirt like the kids do these days.

saw 'team america' which i have weirdly mixed feelings about. did i laugh my ass off? oh yes. but the politics of it are kind of troubling to me, and i think trey and matt think they were being 'equal opportunity offenders' but i felt that the film was oddly slanted toward the conservative. it's a great satire of conservative bush-agenda thinking - especially when the team destroys world landmarks in the name of safety. but the skewering of liberal thinkers is not so smartly handled - it gets no more sophisticated than name calling, really. matt and trey also have their liberal outspoken actor/villains taking up weapons against team america, which doesn't fit with their categorization of liberals being 'pussys' - part of the otherwise brilliant grand thesis of 'dicks, pussys, and assholes.' it would have been a smarter move to have the liberal actors die because they refused to fight, or tried only to talk their way out of conflict. in addition, the liberal figureheads - sean penn, michael moore, etc, are violently put to their ends, where no iconic conservatives are slayed or even lampooned. WHERE IS THE ANN COULTER PUPPET? if you're going to turn michael moore into a suicide bomber, then we need to see ann coulter turning tricks to land a publishing contract.


though it doesn't work politically, as a spoof of jerry bruckheimer action films, it is flawless.

the greatest vomiting scene ever put to film.

ken and barbie were never so nimble in bed. (barbie's legs just won't spread that way)

brilliant songs, especially the spoof of 'rent,' the montage song, and 'pearl harbor sucked, and i miss you.'

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Happy Birthday! 29 sure feels old, doesn't it? That's almost 30! Can you believe how long ago it was we were making our own puppet movies?


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